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DC127 and Foster the City were featured on Time.com in a wonderful piece by Elizabeth Dias on November 3rd.   The piece features our Founder, Aaron Graham and his family, and Project Coordinator, Chelsea Geyer, as well as our partners at the National Council For Adoption.

Washington, DC, has more than 1,300 children in the foster care system, and 300 children waiting for adoption. But the nation’s capital also has something else, says Graham, pastor of District Church: 600 churches. ‘We thought, wow, if one in two churches helped support a family, there wouldn’t be any children on a wait list to be fostered or adopted but rather there would be families who are waiting to foster or adopt,’ Graham explains. ‘We want to change who waits.’

Since the article was published, we’ve heard from folks from all over the country that are interested in collaborating and learning how they can start something in their own place in the world.  We’re already following in the steps of groups from Colorado and Arizona  and have learned so much from them. We’re also part of a regional alliance and are connected with groups in Virginia and Maryland that are doing awesome work as well.

There’s no other way to explain this than that God is moving. Seeing the excitement and commitment from attendees at Foster the City was both humbling and inspiring. We’re so excited to keep moving forward and watch what happens both in Washington, DC and around the country  – and the world, for that matter!

Take a second and read the article (it’s well worth it) and maybe even share with a friend or two!

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