Giving Day 2015: That time YOU hit it out of the park (and then some)

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To the DC127 network,

Thank you. This morning I’m overwhelmed by your generosity. Yesterday during Giving Day, we had a goal of raising $20,000 total through our matching campaign. As of this morning, we’ve raised $30,262.50. And we are so incredibly grateful.IMG_5235

You made this happen. Each of the 137 of you who gave to Giving Day, each of you who posted on facebook, tweeted, and emailed friends, each of you who give as monthly donors year around, and each of you who serve with DC127 in any capacity – you are the ones that made this happen. And you are building a movement in Washington, DC that refuses to let kids go without homes and families without support.

Thank you. 

I keep a mental record of specific moments where I know God moved. These are moments when something amazing and unexpected happened and I have no other way of understanding it, other than knowing that God was at work in a very real way. Our first Giving Day is now one of those moments. And if you’re reading this, I hope you see that, too. I hope you see that God is moving through churches and through his people for kids in foster care and struggling families.

Your generosity is certainly a measure of how God is moving in our city, but something else happened yesterday that served as a reminder of why we do any of this. One of our families has been struggling to end their court case. Because of Safe Families, their two children were able to come home from foster care, but the parent has still been working incredibly hard to close their family’s case with Child and Family Services. Well- yesterday morning a judge signed a piece of paper saying that the case is closed. Because of Safe Families, the government is no longer concerned about the wellbeing of the children, and they know this family has the support they need. Now this family knows their children are home permanently.

So again, thank you. Thank you for making stories like this possible. Thank you investing in DC127. Thank you for sharing our vision of city where every child has a home and every family gets the support they need. And thank you for being part of DC127.

We are so grateful for you,

DC127 Director

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