Hello! Thank you for going the extra step and sharing the word about Giving Day. When you connect us to your network, you’re giving your friends and family a chance to be involved in caring for kids in foster care and families in crisis in DC, and inviting them to be part of God’s work. Thank you for taking the time to do this. It may seem simple, but it’s a pretty big deal to us.

Below you’ll find two emails – one to send now, and one to send on November 3rd. These emails are just suggestions. Feel free to modify and add your own story.

If you’d like to track how much is raised by people you email, copy when you send the email or send us the list of people and email addresses you email.

Again- thank you! And if you have any questions, email us at

-Chelsea, DC127 Executive Director

First Email


Hi friends,
I hope you’re doing well and enjoying your day. Some of you might know about DC127- a local movement in Washington, DC that is near and dear to my heart (check out a video about one of the families they’ve served here). DC127 finds homes for children in foster care and keeps families who are at-risk of being separated by foster care together. I’m emailing you because I believe in what DC127 is doing, and I’m wondering if you’d consider joining me in supporting their 2016 Giving Day campaign on November 3rd — you can read more information here.

DC127’s goal is to make Washington, DC a city where no child in foster care is waiting for a home, but instead families are waiting for children. They find homes for kids in foster care, and also help struggling families who are at-risk of being separated by foster care.

They recently shared a story about a mom named Aniya. Aniya is a single mom who loves her son, but is currently homeless. Not too long ago, she even had to lie about waiting for a doctor in the hospital so her son could sleep safely in the waiting room. Aniya is a veteran, She is working hard to get back on her feet. She’s in a job program, and making strides. But she can’t do it alone. Aniya deserves to get the help she needs to keep her son out of foster care.

This is where we come in. Will you join me and invest in DC127 on November 3rd to help create a bridge between families like Aniya’s and the communities who can help her reach her goals?

It costs DC127 $28 to cover the training for one of the homes that will care for kids like Aniya’s son, and $100 to cover the entire intake process for a family like Aniya’s. When you give in any amount, you’re supporting the kids and families in DC. Would you join me and support DC127 on Giving Day? (You can also donate towards Giving Day right now by clicking here – I won’t stop you.)

I’ve been involved with DC127 for a while now, and I’ve seen the impact their work has on kids and families in DC. I’m a part of DC127 because I believe kids deserve families and families deserve help, and I want DC to be a city that cares for its children.

Will you invest in DC127 on November 3rd? Last year, they raised $30,000 on Giving Day, and this year, their goal is $40,000. I know that if people contribute even small amounts, they’ll be able to make their goal. I would greatly appreciate you joining me in supporting this work.

DC127 is also hosting a happy hour on November 3rd to give everyone a chance to connect, and you would be welcome to come, meet some of DC127’s volunteers and families, and learn more about the work you’re supporting. They’ll be at The Prospect at 1214 U ST NW from 6:00-9:00pm, and everyone at their happy hour will have extended specials! You can RSVP here.
Thank you for being a friend and if you have any questions about DC127, Giving Day, or why I think this is important, please feel free to reach out to me.



Second Email - Send on November 3rd

(Hey! There’s a secret announcement in here we’re not sending until October 31st. You get a special peek because you are awesome and spreading the word. Gifts are going to be matched up to $15,000!)

Hi friends,

DC127’s Giving Day is here! Thank you so much to those of you who have already donated. I have some great news. Everything you give on Giving Day will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $15,000! Thanks to a few generous donors, when you give $28 to train 1 Host Home, DC127 will get $56 to train 2 Host Homes, or when you give $75 for an information session for prospective homes, DC127 will get $150 for two information sessions. It’s like buy-one-get-one-free, but to find kids homes and help families stay together.

Before you close this email, will you make a gift to DC127? It would mean a lot to me.

I believe in DC127’s mission because I believe every child deserves a stable and loving home. When I first emailed, I shared about Aniya. DC127 also shared about Marcus. Marcus needed to be removed into foster care right after he was born, so as just a tiny baby, he became vulnerable to the instability of foster care. I don’t know a whole lot about brain development, but I know that the first couple months of a child’s life are so important. Marcus is learning all sorts of things, and I want to make sure Marcus, and kids like him, have a stable, loving foster home.

Will you join me in supporting DC127 today?
And I’d love to see you tonight at The Prospect.
Thank you for being a friend, and for joining me in making sure kids in DC have loving homes!



P.S. Just one more time. Here’s the link to give towards Giving Day!