Giving Day is here: You can help change things for DC’s children and families


Giving Day 2018: A Letter From Our Executive Director

Hey folks,

It’s that time of year again. Giving Day 2018 is just around the corner on November 8th.

Giving Day is a day when we ask you – our network – to partner with us and invest financially in finding homes for children in foster care and supporting struggling parents.

Last year, 204 of you helped us raise over $60,000! By investing in DC127 last year, you helped us recruit, train, background check, and onboard 107 new volunteers in our Communities for Families program. Those volunteers supported 20 vulnerable families whose children were at risk of entering foster. You also helped us hold information nights and trainings, and find support for our foster families. By being part of Giving Day, you made our work possible.

This year, we’re going for a bigger goal: $70,000. The goal is bigger because our workload is bigger. We still get more calls for families who need support than we have volunteers for and there are still kids in foster care who need stable homes until they can be reunified with their parents or adopted into new families.

The money we raise on Giving Day will allow us to support moms like Brianna.

Brianna is a dedicated mother of two. Her older son is a joyful six-year-old with special needs. Brianna called us as she was preparing to give birth to her second child. She realized she had no one to care for her older son while she was in the hospital and if she showed up to the hospital with her older son, they would call Child and Family Services. She needed people who could be there for her, but who do you call for this type of help?

Then she found out about DC127. With her delivery date nearing, DC127 built a team of support around Brianna and her family. Her son stayed with a Host Home who was able to care for his needs, and other volunteers supported the Host Home and made sure Brianna had everything she needed to welcome her new baby home.

When you invest in DC127, you’re ensuring we have the volunteers and resources needed to say, “yes” to moms like Brianna. You’re making sure parents have access to the supportive people they need.

DC127 has always been based on the idea that children deserve families. And if we believe that, then we have to provide help to parents so they can create strong and stable homes for their children. Whether those parents are biological parents, foster parents, or adoptive parents, children need families and families need support.

Hopefully, this doesn’t sound revolutionary. But it is. Right now in Washington, DC around 900 children are in foster care away from their parents and they need loving foster homes who will care for them until they can go home or are adopted. Then there are over 1,200 children who are at-risk of entering foster care. The parents of these children are working hard to keep their families together, but they can’t do it alone. Nobody can parent alone.

When you invest in DC127, you’re helping to ensure that every child in DC has a stable home. You’re investing in supporting parents, making sure parents in DC have a place to turn.

 Will you invest in DC's children and families on Giving Day?

By donating on Giving Day, you’re making sure we can recruit new church partners to find volunteers to support parents. You’re covering the cost to train the volunteers who will be there when a mom like Brianna calls. You’re helping us find the people who will babysit for the foster parent when they feel like they are burning out. You’re building a network of churches in Washington, DC who are stepping up to find children homes and to support vulnerable families.

On November 8th, we’re asking you to invest at any level. When you give even $28, you cover the training for one of our Host Homes. When you give $75, you’re covering an information night for 6 potential foster families, and when you give $100 you’re covering the entire intake process for a family like Brianna’s. You can sign up here for a personal reminder to give on November 8th (you’re also welcome to donate towards Giving Day now by clicking here).

Your investment is making an actual difference for families in the District. To date, 94% of the children DC127 volunteers served in our foster care prevention program, Communities for Families, have not entered foster care. Their parents had people to support them as they worked to stabilize their family.

We see a day where every child in DC has the family and the home they need to thrive and every parent has a community they can rely on. We see a day when Washington, DC churches are known for the radical way they care for their city’s children and families. We see a city whose children are set up to thrive.

I know it’s a big vision, but it’s one our kids deserve, and we can only get there by working together. Will you invest in DC127 on Giving Day and invest in this vision?

I’m excited for what this next year holds. We served more families than ever before this past year, and we’re on track to serve even more this year.

Thank you for being part of DC127. Thank you for being part of a movement of churches and people in Washington, DC who are united to ensure that every DC child has a home and every family has the support they need.

-Chelsea Geyer

Executive Director

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