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We have a big day coming up – a day when we need you: Giving Day on November 9th.

Giving Day is a one-day, online campaign where we’re asking each of you to give what you can towards finding homes for children in foster care and supporting families whose children are at risk of entering foster care.

I want to tell you a quick story about one of those families.

We recently got a call from Ms. J. Ms. J is a single mom who immigrated to the United States not too long ago. She came with her young daughter and at the time was pregnant with twins. After immigrating here, she didn’t have anywhere to go and her family entered the DC shelter system and was placed in a local hotel. After giving birth to her twins, Ms. J found out she had a medical condition that required a procedure and multiple hospital visits. If you didn’t know anyone, and you had three children to care for, who would do you call?

This is why DC127 exists. When parents are facing times of crisis or when families are trying to grow amidst difficult and broken systems, they need somewhere to turn. When you give on November 9th, that is what you’re investing in.

On November 9th, will you invest in DC127 and create the bridge between Ms. J’s family and the supportive community she needs?
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Last year on Giving Day, you raised over $40,000. This year, our goal is to hit $50,000. This money will allow us to continue recruiting foster homes so children have stable places to live and to continue providing supportive communities to families like Ms. J’s. Giving Day will allow us to grow our organization so that we can reach even more children and families.

We think you’re reading this blog because you agree that children deserve to grow up in a home and have a family. Giving Day is your chance to help ensure that every child in DC grows up in a safe and stable home.

When you give on Giving Day, you’ll be equipping us to reach out to more churches, recruit more foster homes, and find more volunteers who are willing to walk with parents like Ms. J.

It costs us $28 to train one Safe Families Host Home, $46 to present to a new church, $75 to present valuable information to about 6 prospective foster families, $100 to cover the entire intake process for one family in crisis and the list goes on (you can see the whole list here).

When you give any amount, you are tangibly investing in the lives of children and families in DC. You are making sure that kids in foster care have supportive homes, and when a single mom like Ms. J feels like she’s run out of options, she has somewhere to call. 

When you give on November 9th, you’re investing in children and families in DC.

We have a big vision. We are asking you to donate because you share our vision that Washington, DC can be a place where every child has a home and families get that support they need to stay together. We are asking you to donate because you, like us, refuse to let parents like Ms. J live in isolation.

Will you give on our November 9th Giving Day and create the bridge between families like Ms. J’s and the communities in our churches that will help her thrive?

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We’re excited for Giving Day. We’re excited because it’s a day where people in DC show their commitment to the kids and families in DC. Will you join us on November 9th and partner with us to ensure that every child in our city has the home they need?

– Chelsea, DC127 Executive Director

P.S. If you’ll be out of town on November 9th or just want to donate early, you can click here and donate anytime.

P.P.S. Join us to celebrate Giving Day at a happy hour at Exiles Bar on U St! Details here.

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