Know a foster/adoptive parent? Learn how to support them

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Foster care is beautiful. Adoption is beautiful. But foster care is tough. And adoption is tough.

For families who open their homes through foster care or adoption, it can often feel like the people in their closest community don’t understand what they are doing or why they are doing it. Opening your home can be a very isolating experience, and over 50% of foster families aren’t fostering one year after their first placement because it can be so lonely.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Churches can be places of support for these families, so the families can provide the best care possible to children, and children get the family and foundation they need to thrive. And this is what DC127 is all about.

We want to make your church and every church in DC a loving community for foster and adoptive home. On September 12th, we’re hosting a Parent Support Workshop, led by folks from Embrace Texas. This one-day workshop will equip church leaders, volunteers, and advocates with needed tools to support families in their community.

Lunch, childcare, and training materials are provided in your training registration fee (early bird is $20 for individuals, and $15 per person for teams of at least three).

We know this is will be an important and valuable day. We also know that our dream of a city where there are enough families for children can be a reality – but only when families have the support they need.

Join us on September 12th and be part of making Washington, DC a place where families get the support they need.


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