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The goal of Communities for Families is to offer support in a time of need and reunite children with their families in a stronger home environment. We connect families with host homes, who host children temporarily, while volunteers support the parents to address their needs and build stability in their home.

Communities for Families is NOT foster care or adoption. We work hard to maintain connection between parents and children, and all of our volunteers are committed to reuniting families and supporting parents.

What to know about Communities for Families

When does Communities for Families work best?

Communities for Families works best under the following conditions:
• All parties involved are committed to reuniting the family as soon as possible
• Safety of the child is paramount
• Parent/ Family involved is in crisis and may be experiencing isolation without a strong support network

What do parents need to know?

Parents need to know:
• Participation in Communities for Families is 100% voluntary
• Parent retains custody of their child and can have their child returned to them at any time
• All volunteers and host homes are screened and trained
• Neither host homes nor volunteers receive compensation for their service

During what times can DC127’s Communities for Families Program place a child with a host home?

Communities for Families can place a child in a host home when a parent:
• Needs to be hospitalized
• Is looking for support
• Feels overwhelmed

What prevents Communities for Families from placing a child in a host home?

Communities for Families cannot place a child in a host home when:
• There is evidence of current abuse (we will defer to Child and Family Services)
• We are unable to obtain consent from a parent who has legal custody
• The child is exhibiting dangerous or violent behavior
• The child is in need of substance abuse rehabilitation


To learn more about how Communities for Families works and see our referral guidelines:  Download PDF

Download a brochure to help explain Communities for Families to your clients: Download PDF

To make a referral

For social services wanting to refer a family to Communities for Families, please fill out an online referral form here OR complete a paper version of the Communities for Families Preliminary Referral Form and email it to referrals@dc127.org.

To get help for your family or to make a referral for a friend, please fill out this quick form. You can also call us at 202-670-1145 or email us at referrals@dc127.org.

We work hard to find a Host Home for every family, but cannot guarantee that a home will be available.

Please feel free to call us with any questions about Communities for Families or our referral process at 202-670-1145.