All Communities for Families volunteers are required to go through our trainings. We hold live trainings throughout the year and you can find the next training date on our calendar. At a live training, you’ll be able to ask your questions and get answers right away, and you’ll be able to meet others who are volunteering.

If you’re unable to attend a live training, links to our online trainings are below. As you go through the trainings, please reference the handouts (linked below), write down any questions you have, and follow up with someone from the DC127 team afterwards. We’ll know you’ve completed the training sections when you’ve submitted your post test (required for online trainings). Post test links are below and go directly to DC127 staff. We’re excited you’re part of this movement!

Core Training 

Required for Parent Friends, Host Homes, and Community Coaches.

Part 1

Part 2

Core Training Handouts

Core Training Post Test

Host Home Training 

Required for Host Homes and Community Coaches.

Part 1: Hosting Logistics

Part 2: Transitioning into the Home

Part 3: Returning Home

Part 4: Protective Factors

Part 5: Trauma, Grief, and Loss

Part 6: Discipline

Part 7: Cultural Sensitivity 

Parts 8 & 9: Dangers in your Home & Guidelines on Touch

Host Home Training Handouts

Host Home Post Test

Community Coach Training 

Required for Community Coaches.

Family Coach Training

Family Coach Training Handouts

Family Coach Post Test