The Foster Care Support Program

In 2019, D.C.’s child welfare agency, Child & Family Services reported -


Foster care is not permanent. Foster families step in to create a safe, stable environment for a child, while birth parents address their personal challenges. Ensuring that families can safely reunite requires support for foster homes and birth parents from the entire community. This is where DC127 steps in.

“Thank you DC127 for your continued amazing generosity that has been a lifeline for us in this season.
You are literally the hands and feet of Jesus and bring so much encouragement. Cannot thank you enough!”

- Foster Parent supported by DC127

DC127’s Foster Care Support program provides potential and new foster parents the assistance they need to welcome a youth into their home. DC127 is committed to ensuring limited placement disruption for children residing in foster homes. DC127 helps foster families in four key ways:

1.) We walk with families through the D.C. foster care licensing process.

People interested in fostering are invited to attend DC127’s Foster Care Orientation, where participants get an inside look at what it takes to become a foster parent in D.C. DC127 works directly with CFSA to facilitate these orientations, which are certified as the first step for parents to become licensed.

2.) We connect families to city-wide support and resources.

Once the decision is made to foster, DC127 connects foster parents to various support to  continue learning the best ways to care for a child in foster care. DC127 will also introduce them to other like-minded organizations and foster families to create cohesion and a broader support network. We also provide in-house, industry-led training for foster parents on topics such as trauma-informed care, de-escalation, and more.

3.) We mobilize your church and community to support you.

We believe that the most sustainable support comes from people already involved in a family’s life. DC127 connects foster families to members of our partner churches to surround them with support and a loving community. If a foster parent is not already a part of our partner churches, DC127 will help them mobilize their existing network to understand how to best support the unique needs of the foster family.

4.) We host "Foster Family Fun Days."

DC127 events are designed to build community and positive relationships among foster families caring for vulnerable children. Our events also provide exciting opportunities for young children to gain positive self-esteem and understand their value as a member of a loving family.

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