The Need: Foster and Adoption Statistics | DC127
A city where every child has a loving home.
Where families are waiting for children, rather than children waiting for families.

To unite churches with organizations, government agencies, and businesses in DC around recruiting and supporting foster and adoptive families so that no child is waiting for a home.
We Believe:
1. Children need families.
2. Families need community.
3. Everyone can do something to make this happen.

What We Do

DC127 is an initiative of Washington, DC churches focused on working together to ensure the success of every child in foster care and those at risk of entering the child welfare system. As an initiative, we believe we have a responsibility and call to mobilize our communities and congregations to care for some of the most vulnerable children in our city.

We work to both recruit and support foster and adoptive homes, and prevent children from entering the child welfare system by supporting vulnerable families. DC127 is part of a nationwide movement of similar groups focused on uniting churches around their foster care systems and families in need of support. These programs have seen measurable success in reunifying children with their families, reducing the number of children waiting to be adopted, recruiting supported and stable foster homes, and bringing city and statewide attention to foster care. We know that one day Washington, DC will be an example of a place where churches embrace the children and families of their city.

We partner with national groups who share our mission in uniting churches to reverse the foster care waitlist: