DC127_Foster_Adopt_ParentsFoster care is a beautiful thing. Both are big steps, but not ones that you have to take alone.

Foster care provides a temporary, loving and supportive home where a child can grow and thrive before the child returns home and experience reunification with their birth family. Reunification is the most common outcome of foster care and most often the goal of each case.

Unfortunately, sometimes a child is not able to return home to their biological family and needs to be adopted in a new home. Adoption through foster care provides a permanent home to a child, and is a beautiful process, as the child becomes a full part of your family.

We understand that you probably have many questions about foster care. We hold regular foster care orientations and whether you know you are ready or you just want to learn more, we would love for you to join us at the next one. Please contact us for the next date or with any questions you might have.

DC127 serves foster families in three key ways:

We walk with families through the licensing process.
We are here to support you through your journey getting your foster care license through Child and Family Services Agency.

Connect you to city-wide supports.
We work to connect families to supports all across the city, including other families. It’s our goal to make sure you know all the supports provided.

Mobilize your church and community to support you.
We believe that the most sustainable support comes from people already involved in a family’s life. We work our partner churches to surround foster families with support, and bring awareness to the larger church community about foster care and the unique needs of foster families.

Interested in becoming a foster parent?    Contact Us