IMG_4539DC127 believes that the church is in a unique position to address the foster care crisis in our city and to support families in need.

You can read more about why we believe this on our blog, but the three main reasons are:

We are called:
The Body of Christ has a clear directive to care for children and the vulnerable in our communities

We can care for the whole person:
The church can care for more than just a person’s physical well being, but also their emotional and spiritual needs.

It’s strategic:
There is no stronger network in our society than the church. We also already have communities of support built around people through small groups, neighborhood parishes, and regular gatherings.

DC127’s goal is to see churches empowered to support families in their community. We work to provide churches with the tools, support, and resources they need, and connect individual churches to a larger network of churches, organizations, and communities mobilized around foster care and families in crisis.

To do this, we ask churches to become a Partner Church. Partner Churches own DC127’s vision as their own and commit to at least two years of being a partner. Within each Partner Church, we identify a Church Coordinator that leads a team within the church focused on recruiting and supporting families. Partner Churches also play a critical role in moving DC127 and our goals further.

DC127 is truly a network of churches, and we believe it will take all of us working together to make Washington, DC a city where every child is in a supported home.


If you are interested in connecting your church with DC127, we would love to hear from you.     Contact Us