IMG_4495Family Friends:

When families come to us for help, many say isolation is their biggest struggle. “Family Friends” connect with one family like a family friend would. Call them once a week, visit them every other week, and be there to provide support, ensuring they are not alone. To become a “Family Friend”, visit our Volunteer Opportunities page. 

Respite Care and Babysitting:

Foster parents and Safe Families Hosts, just like other parents, need to run errands, shop, or simply get a break, but many need babysitters who have gone through background checks. If you would like to volunteer your time and service please Contact Us.

Provide Resources & Services:

Most children come to their Safe Families Hosts and foster homes with very few possessions. We are always accepting donations of children’s items like diapers, car seats, and clothing, or professional services like healthcare, hair styling, and house cleaning. We also accept gift cards to grocery stores or children’s outlets, or even area restaurants to provide date nights for parents. To make a donation or to learn about our current needs, visit our “Donation” page.


Interested in supporting our families in any of the ways mentioned above? Have any questions?    Contact Us