DC127 journeys with parents who are socially isolated, overwhelmed, under-resourced, facing significant life challenges and at increased risk of instability. We mobilize churches and recruit volunteers to build a support system that preserves families and ensures that children have a safe and healthy home. Although our hope is that every child remains with their family, we also recruit and support foster families as a safety net for children who need a safe alternative. We walk with families fostering in the District and connect them to community resources, volunteers, and a support network to limit the amount of child placement disruptions.


At DC127, we believe in the living Gospel according to James 1:27, which says “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for the orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you. ”Through our partnerships with churches in the District, DC127 offers congregations meaningful engagements to live out Christian faith by serving others. The church is uniquely positioned to support and serve vulnerable families and provide volunteers and foster homes during times of need. No other institution in the world can embrace children and support their families like the local church.


DC127 was founded on the belief that prayer works. In 2012, members of The District Church prayed for guidance about caring for children in foster care. In May, 2013, DC127 hosted an inaugural prayer gathering to celebrate National Foster Care Month. Over 400 people representing 28 churches joined our mission to build a community to protect vulnerable children. As we developed the groundwork of our organization, we strategically partnered with Child & Family Services Agency, D.C.’s child welfare organization, to focus on foster care recruitment and foster care prevention. Today, we continue to build on our founding principles to engage churches in partnership with like-minded government and community agencies to preserve families, empower parents, remove barriers, and protect children.


Fiscal Year 2020 Outcomes

98% of youth served

did not need intervention from child protection services.

100% of families served

had one significant barrier minimized or removed.

18 churches engaged

over 100 volunteers who served 39 families and 53 children.

OVER 100 individuals received support

through our COVID-19 relief efforts, including grocery assistance, educational support,
rent and utility payments, counseling services, and volunteer assistance.

89% of parents surveyed

said the support they received from DC127 was easy to access
and exceeded their expectations.