The Communities for Families Program


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DC127 has changed the way we support families to respond to current needs.
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"We have established a relationship that will last for years and years. Just knowing that they'll be there- that means so much."
Grandmother in the CFF program

The Communities for Families (CFF) Program provides holistic support to families experiencing social isolation and instability. The program focuses on family preservation by empowering parents and providing wraparound services to ensure that every child stays out of foster care and connected to their families. This systematic, volunteer-led effort removes parental barriers, decreases feelings of isolation, provides access to resources and life skills training, and ultimately creates stronger parents and safer homes.

Barriers to stability for families in CFF: 

  •  single parents, who are isolated
  •  grandparents raising grandchildren
  •  teen parents in foster care
  •  unemployed head of household
  •  parents in school (obtaining GED or college)
  •  dependent on government financial assistance to meet basic needs

DC127 partners with churches and community partners to recruit, train, and mobilize CFF volunteers. Our volunteers create intentional relationships with families by providing services and connecting parents to community resources. Every DC127 family is assigned a volunteer support team. Learn more about each volunteer role below.

Volunteer Roles

Volunteer Roles

Homes Open for Parent & Youth Empowerment

HOPE volunteers open their homes and hearts to families in the District to support parents and empower youth. The HOPE volunteers take youth on outings at least once a month throughout the duration of the program. This can either be a weekend outing, where the volunteer is intentionally engaged with the youth for a full day, or one overnight. The purpose of these outings and hostings is to empower the youth with new relationships and expose them to different cultures and experiences. They also provide relief for the parents to have a day to themselves to take care of other responsibilities or to get some rest.


Connecting, Advocating, Relating, Encouraging

CARE volunteers connect with the parent to form a stable, consistent relationship. Most families in CFF have limited support systems so the CARE volunteer ensures they will be a dependable presence for the parent in times of need and celebration. The CARE volunteer also supports and encourages the parent in a specific goal that they have at the on-set of their time with DC127 and helps them achieve that goal so the parent exits the program in a more stable place.


Volunteering Safely During Covid-19

Virtual Volunteers have the chance to connect with a family safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Virtual Volunteer is a unique opportunity for volunteers to form an intentional friendship with a family, support the parent in specific goals, and provide much-needed social connection during an isolating season, all online. This volunteer position is dedicated to connecting parents to resources, provide a listening ear, and act as a stabilizing relationship.

Become a CFF Volunteer

Become a CFF Volunteer

“I continue to serve with DC127 because I truly feel more connected to the DC community when working with families.”  - CFF Volunteer

Are you looking for a life affirming experience? DC127 volunteers stay connected with families far beyond their time in the program. join our efforts to provide direct support to families by serving as a CFF volunteer. Make a lasting impact in your life and in the District today!

Each DC127 volunteer must attend a mandatory volunteer training.Learn more about upcoming training sessions here.

Our Program Partners


DC127 works with community parents to increase access to resources, services and information for families, volunteers, and our staff. If you would like to work with us to serve families and protect children, please reach out Director of Programs Kelsie Johnson at