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Communities for Families


Communities for Families (CFF) is DC127's 6 month program that supports  families at-risk for separation.  We mobilize church volunteer ministry teams, to work upstream to provide holistic support to  preserve families who have one or more risk factors that may increase their potential for family disruption, leading to a child(ren) experiencing foster care. 

CFF families are built into a volunteer teams at a local church that will work with DC127 staff to ensure family preservation by empowering parents and their child(ren) by providing connection to vital physical, emotional, and social support that they need to thrive as a family unit. 

CFF parents and their volunteer team focus on self-stated goals that are centered around  increasing family stability, parenting, and continued growth while building meaningful relationships within their community that can last beyond the tenure of the program. 

Each team is made up of a Team Coordinator that coordinates meals and other needed supports, a Parent Partner that acts as relational support to the parent, a Child Advocate that spends time with the children to identify and support their specific needs, and a Host Home that offers respite care one to two times monthly.

This systematic, volunteer-supported effort removes barriers to healthy parenting, decreases feelings of isolation, provides access to resources and life skills training, and ultimately creates stronger parents and safer homes for children.

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We appreciate your interest in the Communities for Families program, due to overwhelming demand, we are not accepting new referrals at this time. DC127 is focused on serving the current families and working hard to open up spaces Fall 2024.Our team values your patience and understanding during this period. 

For more information, contact Latorri Jones, Communities for Families Coordinator at

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