Communities for Families

Communities for Families

The Communities for Families Program (CFF) provides holistic support to families experiencing social isolation and instability. The program focuses on family preservation by empowering parents and providing wraparound services to ensure that every child stays out of foster care and connected to their families. This systematic, volunteer-supported effort removes parental barriers, decreases feelings of isolation, provides access to resources and life skills training, and ultimately creates stronger parents and safer homes.

Barriers to stability for families: 

  •  single parents, who are isolated
  •  grandparents raising grandchildren
  •  teen parents in foster care
  •  unemployed head of household
  •  parents in school (obtaining GED or college)
  •  dependent on government financial assistance to meet basic needs

DC127 partners with churches and community partners to recruit, train, and mobilize CFF volunteers. Our volunteers create intentional relationships with families by providing services and connecting parents to community resources. Every DC127 family is assigned a volunteer support team. Learn more about getting support from DC127 or volunteering with DC127 by following the links below.

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Our Program provides holistic support to families experiencing social isolation and instability. We focus on goal setting to remove barriers to effective parenting and relationship building to decreasing feelings of isolation. We also offer direct support including monthly groceries, counseling, and one-time rent/utility support.

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Volunteering for DC127 means walking with a family. You are building a relationship with a vulnerable family, providing emotional and psychological support, pushing them to reach their goals, and being present with them through their trials. There is limitless creativity you can bring to this position. Use your gifts to bolster and encourage a family today.

Our Program Partners


DC127 works with community parents to increase access to resources, services and information for families, volunteers, and our staff. If you would like to work with us to serve families and protect children, please reach out Director of Programs Kelsie Johnson at