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Are you looking for a life affirming experience?  Join our efforts to provide stability to vulnerable families in D.C. by serving as a DC127 Communities for Families volunteer. Volunteering for DC127 is a 6-9 month commitment. Volunteering with DC127 is a unique opportunity to form an intentional relationship with a family to provide much-needed social and emotional encouragement to parents who are isolated and overwhelmed. Make a lasting impact in your life and in the District today! Inquire about Volunteering with DC127 or Fill out an Application today!

Volunteering at DC127


Compassion is a core characteristic of a DC127 volunteer. We train volunteers to demonstrate self-awareness and empathy to build trusting relationships with families.  Volunteers may also experience vicarious trauma when hearing the stories and experiences families face. We encourage volunteers to have their own self-care plan and show compassion towards themselves through this process.


We ask each volunteer to make a 6-9 month commitment. We encourage you to be proactive when building relationships with families and continue to show up even when the parents fail to reach out. This consistency and commitment makes a positive impact in the lives' of our families. The expectation is to touch base at least once a week if not more. This can be a phone call, text, FaceTime call-- be creative!


All DC127 programs are temporarily virtual. Whether you choose FaceTime, Zoom or Google Meet, you will connect with DC127 parents weekly to check-in and provide emotional encouragement and support. DC127 volunteers are the lifeline of our program.  Volunteer and parent relationships often blossom into lifelong friendships.

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DC127 staff works with every volunteer and parent. Your role is essential to our team.  We ask you to communicate by submitting a monthly report that highlights your progress. We offer trauma informed training throughout the year to guide you though complex issues. Together, DC127 and the volunteer act as the support team to the family.


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