Our mission is to mobilize the Church to provide wrap-around support that empowers and stabilizes families at-risk of being separated and fostering families, ensuring protection for children in DC.

Our vision is to see the Church fully committed to and engaged in caring for children and families in Washington, DC who are at risk of being separated or whose lives have been impacted by the foster care system.


The following core values serve as guideposts for all of our work, influencing the vision that we work towards and the way that we go about that work on a daily basis. While the specific strategies and nuances of the work may change over time, these core values remain constant and provide a foundation for our work in the years to come.


Centering on Christ | DC127 launched in response to a clear biblical call in James 1:27 and continues to place Christ at the forefront of all we do. Christ is central to our vision, the way we hire staff and partner with others, and how we operate on a day to day basis. We rely on Christ for our growth and ability to meet the needs of the families we serve, and we give Him the glory for our successes. We invest time and resources in the spiritual development of staff, the board, volunteers, and the families that we serve. 


Reflecting the Kingdom | We seek to reflect the kingdom of God in how we conduct our work, bringing healing love and critical support to families in Washington, DC as the hands and feet of Christ. We embrace racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, generational, and denominational diversity among the men and women that serve as board members, staff, volunteers, and in the families we serve. 


Partnering with Churches | We seek deep engagement with local churches as we work to mobilize the body of Christ in meeting the needs of families at-risk of separation and kinship, foster, and adoptive families in Washington, DC.


Honoring and Elevating Voices | Our work is informed by the experiences and perspectives of the families that we serve. We humbly acknowledge that we are better able to walk alongside when we listen to, consider, and elevate their voices to shape our work and to advocate for needed resources. 


Learning Continually | As a body of lifelong learners and disciples of Christ, we value the way that learning creates opportunities for individual and organizational growth. As we implement programs and allocate resources, we seek to understand what works and what doesn’t in order to adapt and maximize our impact. We also value spiritual and professional growth for staff and the board, as well as for volunteers engaged in this work alongside DC127. 


By the year 2034, we aim to see that the Church has mobilized to take a lead role in ensuring that the District of Columbia is a place where there are enough stable and loving foster and adoptive homes available for all children in foster care, and a significant portion of vulnerable families receive the support they need to prevent their children from entering foster care. As part of this, foster families and those who are at risk of entering foster care will know they are not alone and are connected to a community network that enables them to access the support they need. The church will be considered a trusted partner in DC’s child welfare system because of the robust and effective volunteer community and support network that it offers, relying on and modeling Christ in all aspects of the work.