Find the Support You Need

Congratulations on taking the first step to connect with the DC127 community! Through the Communities for Families Program (CFF), your family will build intentional relationships with DC127’s trained volunteers. CFF will help you feel less isolated and more supported, allowing you to focus on your goals and create a healthier family environment. Each volunteer completes training and an extensive background check to ensure they can provide a welcoming and safe environment for your family. DC127 is here for you!


“[When I entered the program] I was going through a lot.
DC127 has helped me in so many ways that I greatly appreciate.
This is a great way to make more connections that
 later become more like friends and family.”

- Mother in the CFF


Are you…

  • A single parent/guardian with limited family or social support?
  • A parent of children who need new experiences to build positive self-esteem?
  • A parent currently in foster care?
  • A new parent struggling with the demands of a growing or changing family?
  • A parent who has multiple children with limited opportunities for relief?
  • A full-time parent to your grandchildren?
  • A parent struggling with job instability?
  • A family experiencing poverty?
  • A parent trying to complete school or other vocational training?
  • Parent in need of a support system to achieve a long-term goal?

What to Expect in CFF



To get started, you (the parent) or a support worker can fill out a short online form.



After you submit a referral, a DC127 Family Support Coordinator will reach out for an initial conversation. We use this call to coordinate the resources and direct services you are seeking and to take the time to get to know how to best support your aspirations and goals. 


Goal Setting

Once an intake is completed, we work together to establish your goals. Individualized goal setting helps us to serve you by working together to create the roadmap for your success.


Match Meeting

Now that you’ve set your goals, we pair you with a volunteer, we call this our Match Meeting. This meeting makes the initial connection for the relationship and determines how we will work together over the next 6-9 months. DC127 volunteers are vetted, trained and committed to serving families. Your volunteer will conduct weekly check-ins, motivate, and support you (emotionally and socially). Volunteers build a supportive community and provide encouragement.  Our volunteers are there to cheer for you and provide encouragement when you face challenges.  

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Closure Meeting

As you achieve 1 or more of your goals, a Family Support Coordinator will work with you and your volunteer to culminate your participation in our program. This is a final meeting to celebrate your accomplishments and successes, present a program certificate, and talk about ongoing support. The program may have an end date, but the relationship does not have to end. Because life and its challenges are cyclical, if you need to reengage with DC127 in the future- we welcome you.  You will always be a part of the DC127 family.

Your Commitment

The essential element to your success in the program is YOU!  The program is 100% voluntary, our expectations while you are in the program are: communicate, engage and participate. 

  • Communicate 
    • Be responsive to volunteers and DC127 team members 
    • Keep DC127 staff and volunteers informed about serious issues or concerns 
    • Attend all scheduled meetings, and/or let us know in advance of scheduling conflicts 
  • Engage 
    • Remain engaged with your volunteer 
    • Meet weekly with your volunteer 
    • Actively work toward the goals you set 
  • Participate 
    • Participate in the program for at least 6 months 
    • Keep all scheduled appointments 
    • Actively work toward the goals you set 
    • Attend the workshops, classes and events we offer while in the program 

Congratulations on taking the first step to connect with the DC127 community! CFF will help you feel less isolated and more supported, allowing you to focus on your goals and create a healthier family environment. DC127 is here for you. 

Every DC127 team member and volunteer is here to support you! Contact the Program Director Kelsie Johnson, 202-670-1145 ext. 3.