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Find the Support You Need

Congratulations on taking the first step to connect with the DC127 community! Through the Communities for Families Program (CFF), your family will build intentional relationships with DC127’s trained volunteers. CFF will help you feel less isolated and more supported, allowing you to focus on your goals and create a healthier family environment. Each volunteer completes training and an extensive background check to ensure they can provide a welcoming and safe environment for your family. DC127 is here for you!


“[When I entered the program] I was going through a lot.
DC127 has helped me in so many ways that I greatly appreciate.
This is a great way to make more connections that
 later become more like friends and family.”

- Mother in the CFF


Are you…

  • A single parent/guardian with limited family or social support?
  • A parent of children who need new experiences to build positive self-esteem?
  • A parent currently in foster care?
  • A new parent struggling with the demands of a growing or changing family?
  • A parent who has multiple children with limited opportunities for relief?
  • A full-time parent to your grandchildren?
  • A parent struggling with job instability?
  • A family experiencing poverty?
  • A parent trying to complete school or other vocational training?
  • Parent in need of a support system to achieve a long-term goal?

What to Expect in CFF

The essential element to your success in the Communities for Families program is YOU!  When you enter the program, you will be matched with a team of volunteers, all of whom play a distinct role in empowering you as a parent and supporting your family. Your volunteer team includes a HOPE volunteer and CARE volunteer.  Visit our CFF page to learn more about the role of each volunteer.



Welcoming new people into your life can be a little scary. The first team meeting is designed to relieve that fear. You will meet your volunteer team, have the opportunity to share about yourself, your children, and the goals you hope to accomplish in CFF. We encourage you to ask your team questions and start building a relationship right away. Afterwards, you and the DC127 team will discuss whether you plan to move forward.


Hope Volunteer Outings

Many of our parents are exhausted, isolated, and overwhelmed. Our HOPE volunteers support your family in providing outings and hostings for your children to give you a break. Trained HOPE volunteers welcome children one weekend every month, either overnight or for a day hosting, away from home where they participate in extracurricular activities and build new relationships in a safe environment. This is a great time to meet with your CARE volunteer, work on your goals, or just relax. While we strongly encourage having your children spend time with HOPE volunteers, participation is not required. We always defer to the parents’ wishes.


CARE Volunteer Connections

As you navigate the responsibilities of parenting, you may need a friend to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, or someone to laugh with. The CARE volunteer is trained to conduct weekly check-ins, motivate, and support you. Your CARE volunteer will help you access resources, set and achieve goals, and cheer you on every step of the way.


Closure Meeting

Congratulations! You have completed the CFF program. By this time, you have achieved the goals you have set for yourself, created a new community, and found stability for your family. We are excited to see your family continue to grow. At the closure meeting, you and your team will celebrate and debrief your time working together. This is a great opportunity to share your successes and discuss what your new relationships will look like moving forward. DC127 hopes you will continue these relationships long after you leave our program!

Your Commitment

  • Participate in the program for at least nine (9) months
  • Remain engaged with your volunteer team
  • Keep all scheduled appointments
  • Be responsive to volunteers and DC127 team members
  • Fulfill monthly requirements, which include meeting with your CARE volunteer and showing up for requested HOPE volunteer outings
  • Communicate with all team members regularly, including when hostings must be canceled
  • Keep DC127 staff and volunteers informed about serious issues or concerns
  • Stay connected with your volunteer team to facilitate your success
  • Actively work toward the goals you set with your CARE volunteer

Every DC127 team member and volunteer is here to support you! Contact the Executive Director at, 202-670-1145 ext. 4.