DC127 Programs


Welcome to DC127, we are so glad you are here!    

DC127 is passionate about families. Family is defined uniquely for everyone—whether you are a two-parent household, single, grandparent, kinship, or resource parent, DC127 aims to support you. Our goal is to ensure every parent, regardless of education, skill level, and personal childhood experience can nurture their children in a loving home.  

We accomplish our organizational mission by implementing each of our core programs: Communities for Families (CFF), Foster Care Support (FCS), and Church Mobilization (CM). 

Foster Care Prevention (6)

Our Communities for Families program builds community around families. DC127 is family focused but parent centered. We work upstream to prevent children from entering the child welfare system, by empowering parents and keeping families together.  

  • Wraparound Support: direct services including grocery/home necessities, one-time financial assistance (rent or utility past due payment), counseling and life skills workshops 
  • Social & Emotional Connectivity: paired with a trained volunteer for support 
  • Goal Achievement: increasing access to resources 

Although our hope is that every child remains with their family, we also recruit and support foster families as a safety net for children. Our Foster Care Support Program walks with families fostering in the District and teen parents in care to connect them to community resources, volunteers, and a support network to limit the amount of child placement disruptions. Our vision is that we reverse the list—we have more homes waiting for children, then children waiting for homes. 

Ensuring that families can safely reunite requires support for foster homes and birth parents from the entire community, this is where our Church Mobilization Program comes in. DC127 partners with churches and community partners to recruit, train, and mobilize volunteers and prospective foster homes. Through our church partners we offer seasonal drives (back to school, coats, Christmas gift card and pajama drive) that further support family preservation and stabilization.